Modern craft brewed beers from Northern Ireland

The Barrahooley Brewery is a craft brewery located in the heart of the Glens of Antrim, Northern Ireland, producing high quality craft beers packed full of flavour. Brewing on a small scale and bottle conditioning ensures each and every bottle gets the maximum flavour from the quality Irish malts and fresh hops.... Local beer just got better!

"Your Black IPA is exactly what I'm looking for in that style, and the best Black IPA in Northern Ireland" - SJ
"Best Black IPA so far" - BK
"Beautiful Pale Ale with fruity aroma and malty notes" - NH
"Decent Burnt taste, very moreish. Recommended (Black IPA)" - RW
"I would imagine this would be very refreshing in the Summer (Red Ale)" - AC
"My favourite NI Black IPA" - SJ